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Zechin Industries provides high-quality manufacturing solutions for producing metal parts and assemblies. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions. Through open communication, trust and performance, we create a win/win experience for all involved.
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    Choosing the right welding fabrication shop is one of the most important steps to ensure the success of the project. You want to ensure that the store you choose not only has the ability to complete your order, but also an experience that ensures that the results match your expectations. Before deciding on a store, make sure you have checked these four considerations.

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    Cold bending for the production of bent parts in forestry machines

    Cold bending for the production of bent parts, used in forestry machines and in the equipment typical of the forestry sector. What are forestry machines and where are they used? Forestry machinery is mainly used for felling trees and transporting logs. These machines are widely used, especially in Northern Europe. In countries such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Germany, forests are particularly vast. Forestry machinery is used to cut and transport the wood needed to produce furniture, houses, barrels, light poles or firewood. Forestry machines are used in many other countries in the world, such as France, Italy, and Poland, to maintain and clean woodlands and parks. These include state parks, oasis and nature reserves.

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Zechin Industries is a modern manufacturing enterprise specialized in metal parts and assembly in China.The company was founded 25 years ago, in the year 1989. 

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