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Zechin Industries provides high-quality manufacturing solutions for producing metal parts and assemblies. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions. Through open communication, trust and performance, we create a win/win experience for all involved.
  • Oct
    In a single cycle, items having two or more center line radii can be produced using multi-radius tube bending. This makes it possible to totally build complex structures without having to move the tube, reset it, or use any other machinery. Here is a clip of a multi-radius tube being bent:
  • Sep
    Metal parts design assistance and manufacturing
    Zechin’s engineering and design teams are led by our resident "problem solvers" Jack Zhang. Teams collaborate with customers and prospects to design; research new parts; automate processes on the production floor; and repair parts and build assemblies from scratch.
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+86 571 8373 7826
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Zechin Industries is a reliable manufacturing enterprise specialized in metal parts and assembly in China. Today, we have a large facility with total 20000sqm located in Hangzhou, which is 200km away from shanghai seaport.

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