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  • When designing and producing precision metal stamping parts, engineers and project managers representing manufacturers, their suppliers, and metal stamping dies should discuss options for finishing parts to ensure optimal performance. Whether you need to suppress corrosion, improve appearance or smooth sharp edges, metal surface treatment is an important step in the manufacturing process and should be considered from the beginning.


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  • Electric metal stamping is a unique niche market in the metal stamping industry. Spring-loaded electrical contacts are found in circuit components such as electronic switches, relays, and circuit breakers, and are vital to many industries. We are delving into the nature of spring-loaded electrical contacts, how they work, where they are used and why they are so important today.


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  • The competition between manufacturers is very fierce, and when you add the unpredictability we are currently facing, the company must make every effort to maintain its competitive advantage by focusing on its core competitiveness. One way to achieve this is through outsourcing processes (such as metal manufacturing), which is not your main business focus.


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  • There are various metal processing projects that require welding parts. We understand that welding is a crucial aspect of the manufacturing process, but because there are many different methods, it may be difficult to understand the differences or determine which method is best.


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  • How Material Affects Tube Bending Quality | Metal Fabrication If your product requires tube bending, the material is absolutely important. Certain materials are easier to bend, and the final product has different qualities. This article will focus on steel and aluminum because they are the most common materials used for pipes. (To find out which steel or aluminum is best for your application, please check this article.) If you have questions about other materials, please feel free to contact us. info@zec-industrygroup.com


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  • Zechin Industries is a private metal parts manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China, is an advanced customer-centric company. We recognize that when potential customers use Google "metal stamping company", profession is a key factor in your choice of metal stamping and precision metal companies.


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  • We hope that you have not encountered the reality that your huge investment in molds is invalidated by the actions of your metal stamping supplier. Because your metal stamping die depends on partners and qualified suppliers to produce high-quality parts, there are many things to consider in this case.


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  • Renewable energy manufacturing plays a vital role in supporting the growing alternative energy industry sector and the entire energy sector. As a metal manufacturing company, Zechin Industries provides a series of services essential to green energy production. Zechin Industries’s quality precision manufacturing methods include the most advanced systems and processes that can help shorten lead times and reduce production costs, while improving quality and consistency.


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  • Welded Assemblies Zechin Industries produces high-quality, high-precision welded components to meet your unique needs. We use multiple robot welding machines, pulse welding machines, resistance welding machines and a series of 300 to 450 ampere MIG welding equipment. Regularly clean, maintain and calibrate all machines to ensure that our customers get the best welding service.


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  • Custom sheet metal stamping parts manufacturing outsourcing-- The importance of tooling room· Reduced lead time from the purchase order, part drawing to parts of the press. · Tool quality meets the production standards.External tooling suppliers must make a profit on the tool. · Quality preventive t


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