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Heat Treating

Zechin Industries undergo a variety of heat-treating operations to harden, anneal, stress relieve and assist with cleaning. All heat-treating operations involve the heating and cooling of metals, The common forms of heat treatment for ferrous metals are hardening, tempering, annealing, normalizing, and case hardening.


A ferrous metal is normally hardened by heating the metal to the required temperature and then cooling it rapidly by plunging the hot metal into a quenching medium, such as oil, water, or brine. Most steels must be cooled rapidly to harden them. The hardening process increases the hardness and strength of metal, but also increases its brittleness.


Steel is usually harder than necessary and too brittle for practical use after being hardened. Severe internal stresses are set up during the rapid cooling of the metal. Steel is tempered after being hardened to relieve the internal stresses and reduce its brittleness. Tempering consists of heating the metal to a specified temperature and then permitting the metal to cool. The rate of cooling usually has no effect on the metal structure during tempering. Therefore, the metal is usually permitted to cool in still air. Temperatures used for tempering are normally much lower than the hardening temperatures. The higher the tempering temperature used, the softer the metal becomes. High-speed steel is one of the few metals that becomes harder instead of softer after it is tempered.


Annealing is a heat-treating process, which changes the materials mechanical properties. Annealing is used to soften material, induce ductility, relieve internal stresses and improve cold working properties. The result of annealing will be more ductility with lower yield strength and lower tensile strength. By annealing material it will soften it for improved machining and forming operations and to eliminate residual stresses that are built up from cold working the material. We offers the capability of annealing various materials using an automated hydrogen-reducing furnace.


Stress relieving is a heat treating process used to reduce or eliminate built-up internal stresses inherent in all metals material subject to cold working processes such as drawing, forming, bending, machining, etc. Zechin Industries has the capability of stress relieving various materials and parts using a vacuum oven, in which a controlled atmosphere removes oxygen and nitrogen gases.


Case hardening is an ideal heat treatment for parts which require a wear-resistant surface and a tough core, such as BOLTS and PINGS, springs, gears, cams, cylinder sleeves, and so forth. The most common case-hardening processes are carburizing and nitriding. During the case-hardening process, a low-carbon steel (either straight carbon steel or low-carbon alloy steel) is heated to a specific temperature in the presence of a material (solid, liquid, or gas) which decomposes and deposits more carbon into the surface of a steel. Then, when the part is cooled rapidly, the outer surface or case becomes hard, leaving the, inside of the piece soft but very tough.

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