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Welding Services

Zechin Industries offers both manual and robotic of metal inert gas (MIG) welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, or Spot/ resistance-welding operations to complement its assembly, fabrication, CNC machining, stamping, bending, deep drawings and wire custom metal fabrication services. Our welding operations can be carried out on a diverse range of materials , including Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum from light and medium fabrications. Fixtures are designed and built in-house for all applications. Zechin Industries is fully equipped with today's latest equipment and techniques to meet our customer's specifications. 
Many of the sub-assemblies and assemblies welded at Zechin Industries are using state of the art robotic equipment which allows us to accurately place high-quality welds. Our certified welders and inspectors assure daily manufacturing operations are consistent and traceable, which allows new weld procedures to be written as necessary to meet specific customer requirements. An appropriate welding quality system is the foundation of delivering a quality welded product or service. 
Zechin Industries is also accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. The team of trained and highly-skilled welders are ready to meet the challenges of your project. Multiple welding stations combined with our experience in a wide variety of metals means we can provide you with quality workmanship, on time, the first time.
Specifications Introduction

Types of Welding
· Manual and Robotic Welding
· MIG Welding
· TIG Welding
· Resistance Welding / Spot Welding

Materials Used
· Carbon steel Steel
· Aluminum:
· Stainless Steel:(304, 316, etc.)

Quality Process
· Statistical Process Control (SPC)
· Just In Time (JIT) Compliant Delivery
· SGS third party Inspection
Preferred Drawing File Formats SolidWorks Files, Part, Assembly, Drawing, DXF, DWG, Adobe Photoshop Files, Adobe Illustrator Files,

Secondary Services
· Swaging / Flaring · Notching
· Coping · Piercing
· Beading · Punching
· Drilling · Slotting
· Flattening · Swaging
· Flaring · Threading
· Machining .  Assembly
· Milling · Sub-assembly
· Engineering Support · Production Surface Grinding
· Custom Fixturing · Custom Packaging
· Inventory Tracking · Lot Controlling
· Painting · Plating
· Polishing · Heat Treating

Industries Served
We take on all jobs that fit our capabilities, for any industry. Below are examples of industries we have served in the past. We have created true turnkey components, weldments and assemblies for, but not limited to the following industries:

Agricultural, Alternative Energy, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Distribution, Electronic, Fabrication, Furniture, Hardware, Health and Fitness, Heating and AC, Heavy Equipment, Lawn and Garden, Material Handling, Petroleum and Mining, Retail & Display, Solar Energy, Wind Energy

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Zechin Industries is a reliable manufacturing enterprise specialized in metal parts and assembly in China. Today, we have a large facility with total 20000sqm located in Hangzhou, which is 200km away from shanghai seaport.

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