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Steel Pipe/Steel Tube Fabrication

At Zecchin Industries, we understand that customers frequently require pipe and tube fabrication along with their sheet metal parts or assemblies. Cutting and deburring, bending, notching, slotting, piercing, drilling, welding or using other techniques for assemblies and powder coating are common for metal tube fabrication needs. As for the material used, we have carbon steel tube and pipe fabrication along with aluminum tube fabrication for customers and those who need stainless steel tube fabrication. Whatever your needs are, we can handle it!  We process 5 tons of tube per week making our tube capabilities amoung the best in China!  We can cut it, bend it, notch it and complete welded assemblies of tube products.  
Take advantage of CNC tube bending service as a part of its precision sheet metal fabrication business.  The combination of the CNC controlled bending head, CNC feeding mechanism and multi-tooled headstock allows bending with variable radii and variable axis along the length of the tube.
 Combinations of variable and/or conventional radii tube bending
 Steel tube size up to 120mm OD and 6mm maximum wall thickness
 Forming tube of square, rectangular and Round section
 Complex pieces programmed using the integrated computer systems
 Ideal for the manufacture of seating and other furniture and for guarding, automotive and yellow goods
Our typical size tube is between 3/16 inch O.D. to  3.5 inches O.D.  We handle round, square & rectangular tube.  The wall thickness can range between 24 gauge to 10 gauge(0.5mm to 6mm).
Tube and pipe fabricating is the process of adding operations, such as cutting, piercing, and forming to raw tube and pipe material to meet part specifications. Once you have the length of tube or pipe needed then we can move the material to any of the following areas for your secondary tube fabrication operations.
Equipment List for Metal Tube Fabrication

 CNC Tube Bender with 360 degree rotating mandrel
 Press Brake, Punching 
 Autosert Programmable Hardware/PEM Insertion Press
 Rondo Tube or Angle Rolls
 Production Drill Press
 MIG, TIG or Robotic Welding
 Powder Coating
Products Examples
We provide tube bending and fabrication for the following:

 Tube bending for automotive and transportation examples are grab handles.
 Handles for carts for the medical, dental and industrial
 Tube bending for exercise and fitness equipment
 Point of Purchase displays for retail and hardware store
 Construction projects
These are just a few of areas where our precision tube bending fabrication services are used.
PHOTO Gallery
Tube fabrication products
Pipe fabrication with welding, stamping, bending and forming processes 

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