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Custom Metal Stamping and Deep Drawing Services

One of the main activities of Zechin Industries is stamping of technical and class A parts.
Zechin's custom metal stamping services deliver precision metal stampings from prototype through production quantities. We run stampings up to 12mm thick, but our specialty is high-volume, tight tolerance, precision stampings in a variety of materials from 0.5-12mm thick of Stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, HLE steel, zinc-plated steel, aluminium-plated steel, aluminium, brass, copper.
Our presses have full feed lines and are die sensor protection ready. We run nearly 60 million stampings per year at a 98% on time delivery rate.
Our production stamping methods include progressive and single hit dies. We have expertise in deep draw, mandrel, blanking, cam dies, transfer, louvering, insertion and rolled seam dies, among others. Our press capabilities range from 10 to 600 tons. Parts are fully inspected using vision systems, optical comparators, CMM equipment and functional gauges. 
Zechin Industries’ short-run stamping process utilizes a unique tooling method where hardened tooling components are used in conjunction with standard holders and fixtures, thereby taking the place of conventional die sets. Our large library of tooling fixtures is available for use and customization—at little to no cost to the customer. Our unique short-run tooling methods offer up to an 85% reduction in costs versus conventional metal stamping tooling methods.
Additionally, each basic precision stamping operation performed is typically done with one hit. This means a part’s entire periphery is cut with one stroke (blanking). All holes and openings are then performed in a separate operation, with punches located at the point of contact and so on with other forming and additional operations. Exact duplication is guaranteed from the first piece to the last.
Since the short-run stamping method offers quick turnaround times, it is ideal for faster delivery of projects that have been started too late. Short run stamping is the best alternative when it is not possible to invest a large amount of money in costly progressive tooling.
Zechin Industries has cluster tools that can be used to reduce punching and stamping time for multiple holes and save money on repeated batches of sheet metal work. For jobs requiring the sheet metal punching process and bending, our sheet metal stamping cell may be the answer to your toughest sheet metal fabricated parts. Zechin serves industries including furniture, medical and electronics, for applications such as heat transfer products, military components and electronic assemblies.
Other advantages include:
 In-house tooling, gage and fixture building
 As experts in carbide, Zechin has increased the run times of many of our tools between sharpenings. This saves you money on die maintenance and part costs.
 Full PM program for our equipment and tooling
 Inspection processes capable of first article, PPAP, collecting CPK data, lot controlling and functional checks.
Zechin also specializes in deep drawing of metal components for the automotive, automotive aftermarket, heavy equipment, refrigeration and other industries. With our deep draw technology, we can produce precision formed regular shapes like eyelets, rivet bodies and tubes as well as difficult and irregularly shaped parts.  
We manufacture deep draw formed parts in stainless steel, nickel alloy, brass, copper, and aluminum in orders of 50,000 or more efficiently and cost effectively.
 Sizes: We start with blanks up to 24" in diameter and make deep drawn parts ranging from ½"-24" wide with depths up to 12"
 Materials: Carbon steels, Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, steel, & specialty metals
 Secondary Operations: Anodizing, assembling, blanking, CNC machining, dip brazing, forming, iriditing, heat treating, welding, painting, piercing, spinning, spot welding, trimming & swedging.
Deep Draw / Deep Drawing Considerations
 Common shapes for Deep Drawn / Deep Draw parts are cans, boxes, and bottles, as well as irregularly shaped products.
 Deep Drawing / Deep Draw can achieve a 43% reduction. Numerous re-draws can be performed on deep drawn parts to attain the desired depth.
 The tooling for Deep Drawing / Deep Draw requires a punch, die and blank holder. Therefore, if cost is a factor in the design/manufacture of your part, we invite you to contact Zechin's engineering support team to confirm if Deep Drawing is the best solution prior to completing your design. We may be able to offer you an alternative process which can lower costs.
Some of the Deep Draw Forming Parts we can produce include:
 Fuel Delivery Systems Components
 Fuel Filter Housings and Quick Disconnects
 Electrical Solenoid Housings
 Wet Rotor Motor Housings
 Water Pump Seal Housings and Sleeves
 Refrigeration Control Valve Diaphragms and Housings
 Refrigeration Compressor Housing Inlet and Outlet Connectors
 Deep Drawn Cans, Enclosures, Eyelets
 Deep Drawn Shells, Shapes, Caps, Cases and Connectors
 Deep Drawn Covers, Cups, Pans and Hose Connectors
 Drawn Metal Couplings and Adapters as well as Inserts for Rubber Molded Products

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Zechin Industries is a reliable manufacturing enterprise specialized in metal parts and assembly in China. Today, we have a large facility with total 20000sqm located in Hangzhou, which is 200km away from shanghai seaport.

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