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Custom Hardware and Fasteners

From Prototypes to High Volume Fastener Production
Zechin Industries is also be able to provide Custom Fastener and Hardware fittings for our customers, such us bolt and pins, wire forms and springs, terminals and other custom hardware.
We offer you the best solution for your application from both a technical and economic point of view while taking into account requirements regarding material, manufacturing processes and surface finishes. We supply custom made parts in all batch sizes from one to several million units – to the incoming goods department or integrated into a supply system. We guarantee quality in our accredited testing lab. Management systems at Hardware Division have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.  Fasteners may be small, but they make a big difference in products. Quality matters!
Zechin Industries has a strong presence with customers in North America and Europe and recent economy changes have helped us work with many more companies. We have been fortunate to experience solid growth over the past years and have taken advantage of this to reinvest heavily in our operations. We are committed to being more than just a bolt and pin manufacturer. All employees are very mindful and take pride in supporting our customers. We are dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality bolts and fasteners, the exceptional customer service you expect, and on-time delivery. 


Professional partner in custom made fastener industry. We manufacture all standard head styles, but our specialty is in custom engineered products.
Cold Heading,which is also called cold forming, is a fast and more efficient process to produce both standard bolts and custom fasteners. The cold heading technology has been in existence for over 150 years. Your bolts and fasteners manufactured by Zechin Industries will be of superior quality resulting from this process.

Many Cold Heading Advantages

Cold Heading can provide significant material savings because of reduced scrap in manufacturing versus machining. Bolts coming off a cold header are usually complete or net finished with nearly zero scrap. Cold heading can improve bolt performance versus screw machining where grain flow is interrupted. The cold heading process rearranges the grain structure increasing shear strength performance. Also, cold heading of bolts and pins offers a consistent higher quality surface finish which is taken from the smooth condition and dimensions of the dies. This can eliminate secondary finishing. Finally, cold heading features a tight tolerance consistency.

Specialty Bolts and Pins are Our Niche

M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, automotive bolts, automotive fasteners, automotive rivets, automotive studs, projection weld studs, custom metal studs, lag bolts, custom bolts , eye bolts, anchor bolts, toggle bolts, carriage bolts, stainless steel bolts, metric bolts, shoulder bolts, wobble bolts, custom s.s. bolts, threaded fasteners, custom m8 bolts, custom m6 bolts, aluminum bolts, weld studs, custom stud bolts, custom weld bolts, stainless steel u bolts, custom hex screws, flange bolts, allen head bolts, custom threaded studs, stainless steel eye bolts, shear bolts, custom M10 bolts, industrial fasteners, custom header bolts, head bolts, expansion bolts, tubular rivets, specialty bolts, high volume production fasteners, Cold Headed Fasteners, automotive fasteners, specialty fasteners, specialty automotive fasteners, custom metric fasteners, standard fasteners, bulk fasteners, low carbon steel fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, marine fasteners, custom threaded fasteners, resistance weld fasteners, weld fasteners. Headless pins with holes, Slic pins, Clevis pins with holes,Clevis pins,Clevis pins with Grooves, Detent clevis pins, Headless pings with Grooves, Bent arm pins. Also available in standard.
Materials: Carbon steels, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper,Brass etc.
BOLT and PIN Features:
 Cold Heading Services
 Thread Rolling Services
 Production Runs
 ISO 9001:2008 Certified
 Low Overhead for Competitive Fastener Pricing
 Fastener Engineering for Custom Applications


Special hardware / Fasteners
Coated screws --chemical thread retention methods
Cold formed -Special bolts, step pins, internally threaded parts and sleeves
Screwed assembly: Terminals 
Detailed description
Take advantage of our experience
We have realized over 20,00 customer specific items. Our application technology department can advise you both in the development phase and when optimizing existing applications.
We cover the following manufacturing processes for customer specific items: Turning, CNC milling, Cold forming, Hot Forming, Stamping and Stamped bending, Pressing, Threading, Screwed assembly.
Material selection includes machining steel, and heat-treatable steel, rust and acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant materials, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum alloys.
Surface treatments include all common and specific requirements on the market. The following versions are possible: Galvanizing, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Bronzing, Burnishing, Phosphating, Anodizing, Zinc coating, Powder coating, Seal coating, Locking coating, Adhesive coating, Chromium(VI) free coating, Friction value adjustments.
Our range of services when it comes to repairs encompasses the following: grinding, honing, lapping, cutting threads, rolling threads, hardening, heat treating, mounting, pressing.

Springs and Wire Formings

Find Springs, Custom Wire forms, High Quality of wire forms for OEMS, Threaded Hooks, Actuators, Handles & More.
Experts at manufacturing wire forms from coils of round wire, Zechin hardware division has built its reputation supplying OEMs with the wire forms. The forms are available in variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom made as per the client’s specifications. These products are known for flexibility, durability and corrosion resistant features.
About half of our sales come from custom wire forms. The other half comes from springs. We use a variety of metals ranging from steel & copper, to annealed materials, bronze, & alloys, as per needs. Our trained wire forming specialists as well as the use of precision machines are capable of metal wire forming in varying dimensions depending on the material or the specific requests of customers. 
All of our springs and wire formings are high-speed manufactured in China using the latest machine technology. Our factory is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified. The cost savings in China combined with the world-class quality and service we provide make Zechin Industries the ideal resource for your springs and wire forming needs.
Springing into action.
When you need design or engineering help with springs or wire formings, our in-house engineering and design staff spring into action. Their skill, creative technical insights and recommendations often result in tremendous savings in the prototyping and tooling that proceed the actual manufacturing. 
The result is that both new products and re-designs get off the ground fast while initial costs are minimized and quality is maintained. If you’re searching for ways to lower the cost of springs and wire formed parts, Zechin Wire form division offers a remarkable package in-house design, engineering and tool-making facilities, quick responsive service and low cost, high quality manufacturing in China, supervised by staff fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.
We offer:
 Custom wire forming 
 Custom springs 
 Extension springs
 Compression springs
 Torsion springs
 Ultra high tensile strength materials
 Specialized cleaning, handling and packaging
 Heat treatment and stress relief
 Specialized plating available
 Finish: Zinc, Nickel, Silver, Gold, Copper, Colored etc.
 Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel etc. 
 Wire Range : .020" [0.51mm] to .625" [15.88mm]
 Herdon CNC formers
 Custom CNC formers
 Non-contact gaging
 Swaging, Coining, Punching, Threading and Tapping in line operations 
 Inline stress relief ovens 
 Prototypes from production machinery to ensure consistency from design to production.

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Zechin Industries is a reliable manufacturing enterprise specialized in metal parts and assembly in China. Today, we have a large facility with total 20000sqm located in Hangzhou, which is 200km away from shanghai seaport.

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