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5 Different Features between CNC Turning and Traditional Turning Machines

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Advanced processing method helps a lot in accomplishing the works we have to do easily. Now CNC turning is the newest type of machine that caters to turning, shaping engineering, and manufacturing firms making it a better machining means than conventional machines. There are 5 most important features of CNC turning that Non-CNC machines do not have.

1. Consistency of the number of work pieces produced – CNC machines will come up with the exact number of work pieces that you programmed them to produce, because CNC machines are programmed. The consistency of the number of the work pieces that you will produce is easily attained due to computers being used with repetition. All you need is a skilled operator for them to function the way they are supposed to. Because everything is already programmed, there is no need to exert a lot of physical effort.

2. Faster production – The users can apply the fastest cutting tools for them so that the work pieces will be complete earlier than the deadlines, This is is one big advantage of the latest CNC machines. Manual machined usually require the supervision of people to lessen the chips. Traditional machines also usually require coolants. Because CNC turning machines work efficiently, they will help the manufacturing firm cater to more clients.

3. Easier to Use – CNC machines are easier to use than traditional machines, It does not require too much qualification form the machinist, although not everyone can operate CNC turning machines. The level of skill required from CNC operator to run the machines is less than the skills that traditional machines would require. But the machinist should still undergo training especially for operating CNC.

4. Difficulty of work pieces to be machined – As CNC is so advanced, it makes shaping and turning complex work pieces possible to be produced. CNC turning machines could also generate very complicated motions that are seemingly impossible to be generated using traditional machines.

5. Resilience, more efficient turnings, and smaller lots – Because CNC is programmable, it can cater to a wide variety of work pieces faster, unlike most conventional machines that are quite hard to setup. This is the biggest difference of CNC turning machines to traditional ones

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