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Applications of Different Metal Fabrication Processes

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Metal surface treatment refers to the process of coating a metal part with a thin metal coating. Metal surface treatment is a general term that includes the following processes:

· Cleaning

· Polishing

· Plating

· Buffing

· Brushing

· Grinding

· Vibratory finishing

Many metal finishing processes rely on the use of electroplating, during which metal ions are deposited by current on the substrate. In this article, we analyzed some different metal surface treatment processes and discussed the best way to deploy them.

Metal Finishing Applications for Aqueous Cleaning and Degreasing

The metal surface treatment industry uses a range of technologies that enable manufacturers to improve their metal products.

Waterborne cleaning and degreasing allows manufacturers to effectively clean and polish metal parts. The process uses detergents and acidic solutions to remove burrs, oils, organic compounds, waxes and other debris from the finished part.

Deburring is the process of removing imperfections from the surface of a metal product. This excess material, called burrs, can mar the aesthetic of the piece and compromise its fit and function. Aqueous cleaning processes have other important applications, including:

· Removal of scales from heat treatment

· Radius formation

· Removal of chemicals and residues from the manufacturing process

· Smoothing and evening surfaces

· Preventing and removing rust and corrosion

This process is also used to passivate metals and components.

The aqueous cleaning process is suitable for manufacturers in the following industries:

· Aerospace

· Food and beverage packaging

· Medical and pharmaceutical

· Oxygen services

· Petrochemical production and distribution

· Water treatment

Using Surface treatment in industrial manufacturing processes

Surface finishing enables precise fabrication of parts that appear in a variety of industries. These programs include:

· Polishing

· Anodizing

· Painting

· Powder coating

· Bead blasting

· Plating

Using these technologies, manufacturers can achieve the following benefits when post-processing their metal parts:

· Improved corrosion and chemical resistance

· Improved paint adhesion when metal finish is used as a primer

· Strengthened substrate and improved wear resistance

· Reduced effects of friction

· Improved part appearance

· Increased solderability

· Electrically conductive surfaces

For these and many more reasons, many industries rely on the surface treatment of metal products. Some of the manufacturing sectors that have benefited the most from these technologies include:

· Aerospace

· Defense

· Heavy equipment production

· Industrial process equipment

· Medical devices

· Semiconductors

· Telecommunications

· Transportation

Manufacturers also use a number of processes to allow tapping machine screws and adapting to deeper extrusions. Some of these processes include:

· Piercing

· Extruding

· Bulging

· Coining

· Tapping

· Machining

These technologies help products in the medical, aerospace, battery manufacturing and electronics industries optimize their efficiency and effectiveness.

Welding Techniques for Industrial Processes

Resistance spot welding techniques such as TIG, laser and brazing can be applied to industrial manufacturing in a variety of ways:

· When connecting thick steel plates, field welding replaces riveting. This reduces unsightly seams and improves joint integrity.

· No need for airtight joints, it is more economical to mechanically connect multiple pieces of metal.

· Field soldering can be used to attach brackets, gaskets, clips, boxes, pedestals, covers and other parts made of sheet metal.

Welding applications are often used in these industries.

· Construction of automotive frames, body parts, add-ons, doors, and tailgates

· Commercial vehicles

· Railway conveyances

Military and defense manufacturers often use welding techniques in their production processes. Companies in the sheet metal forming industry also rely on these methods to create and protect their products.

Custom Metal Finishing Services from Zechin Industries

Metal surface treatment is a set of technologies that allows manufacturers to customize their products to view and work in a specific way. Aqueous cleaning, surface treatment and soldering are just some of the processes that manufacturers can use to influence the functionality and attractiveness of their components.

Zechin Industries works with manufacturers in a wide range of industries to produce finished metal parts. We offer design, production, prototyping and consulting services to help your business produce high quality parts and products without increasing production costs.

Contact our representatives for a free quote on your metal finishing project or for more information regarding our products and services.


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