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CNC Custom Tube Bending Expert

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CNC Custom Tube Bending Expert

cnc tube bending services

Since bending founded in 1989, Zechin Industries has been providing the highest quality precision metal tube bending in China, the European Union, Australia and the entire United States.

Experts in Tube Bending for over 25 Years

Our Zechin Industries specializes in high-end metal bending, manufacturing and finishing services. We offer tube bend service for black and non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. Our state-of-the-art CNC bends and manufacturing equipment produce the highest quality finished products, and we can bend and manufacture metal tubes up to 3 inches in diameter.

Tube Bending Products

We manufacture a wide range of precision tube manufacturing processes, from pre-cut raw materials to finished production of fabricated tubular parts. We produce a number of creative engineering products, including dipstick tubes, handles, lift handles and bleacher end rails.

We Do It Best

We use a mandrel pipe bender, a pressure bender, a pipe bender, a Vaill pipe end forming machine to produce our finished products. No matter what metal tube you want, whether it's round, oval, square or rectangular, we can help you meet your needs. In addition to bending the tubes into various types of ideal shapes, we also offer fine surface treatments, chrome, galvanized or powder coated.

Industries Served

Tube bending is a process that often requires to bend metal tubes and bringing it to a custom shape to perform many important functions. They are needed in all types of industries, such as aerospace, construction, military and furniture industries.

Customer Support

When you contact us, we will try to understand your specific requirements and ensure that your project priorities are properly met. By working with us, you can rest assured that your technology project will achieve the highest level of success. Our technical team can provide you with the best expertise in the industry, and you can get the finished product in the earliest turnaround time.

Contact Our Tube Bending Team Today


Our goal at Zechin Industries is to provide fast and quality bend service to help you meet your production needs and deliver your products to your customers! Please contact us immediately for more information and to ensure a quote for your next bend project. Our professional customer support team is waiting for your call! Contact us here today. info@zec-industrygroup.com


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Zechin Industries is a modern manufacturing enterprise specialized in metal parts and assembly in China.The company was founded 25 years ago, in the year 1989. 

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