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Custom sheet metal stamping parts manufacturing outsourcing-- The importance of tooling room

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Metal stamping tool

Custom sheet metal stamping parts manufacturing outsourcing--- The importance of tooling room

· Reduced lead time from the purchase order, part drawing to parts of the press. 

· Tool quality meets the production standards.
External tooling suppliers must make a profit on the tool. 

· Quality preventive tool maintenance performed by tool and mold manufacturers.

· Maintenance-friendly tool design and construction.
If the mold manufacturer knows that they must also maintain the mold, then they will treat the mold differently.

· Modification or tool adjustments can be made quickly. 

· Short lead time for spare parts thus reduced downtime.

· Preventive tool maintenance reduces downtime.

· Direct feedback from production to tool builder.

· Design and manufacturing are driven by the number of parts and required accuracy.

· Feedback directly from the quality assurance to the tool manufacturer.

· The responsibility of the mold manufacturer to meet the quality of the required parts

· Ensure the necessary tools to maintain the equipment. 

· Use and standardize sensors to reduce the risk of mold failure.

· Complete documentation package from CAD models, drawings to detailed bill of materials.

We certainly understand the importance from the beginning, and the tooling team is always ready to meet your challenges.

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