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How CNC Press Brake Ensures Sheet Metal Fabrication Efficiency

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For sheet metal bending service, the most important tool and equipment on Zechin Industries factory is the CNC steel press brake, which can bend steel sheet metal accurately and consistently. This device is one of the secrets to ensuring efficiency in sheet metal fabrication.

Accurate Metal Bending

The accuracy of the bend is critical when it comes to bending steel sheet metal into a custom form. The final product will simply not work, if bends are not accurate.

A small hard drive housing, for example. Thin layers of perforated sheet metal are commonly used for this type of application to provide a balance between sturdiness and open space to facilitate cooling of the drive. If the angle of a bend is too steep, then the casing won’t fit the drive and it will be rendered useless.

The same applies to custom-bent sheet metal for parts washing and finishing baskets. If the bend isn’t at just the right angle, wit will either not fit the parts being processed, or interfere with the basket’s operation. 

Big Bending Area

Why bend only small parts of metal when you could bend huge one? One of the key benefits of the CNC press brake is that it can bend sheet metal all at once along its 122” long bending surface. 

The bending of very large sheet metal forms or the shaping of several smaller identical sheet metal forms at once are allowable. So the sheet metal bending press brake is the very model of efficiency in production. 

The steel press brake employs 132 tons of mechanical force during each bend to facilitate the bending of metal along such a large area, ensuring that even long pieces of sheet metal do not slow down the bending process.

How CNC Press Brake Benefits You From Our Factory

The benefits discussed above have highlighted how Zechin Industries benefits from the use of the CNC press brake. So, how do you benefit from us.

Firstly, the accuracy of the press brake means that you’ll get top-quality bends in your sheet metal forms that will meet your exacting demands.

Secondly, the ability of the press brake to handle large objects or multiple smaller ones means more efficient production, reducing time to deliver the custom sheet metal fabrications your company needs to stay on schedule with its own production.

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