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Know-how of Welding Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is an incredible useful material that features of corrosion resistance and makes our world a much easier place to live. The word stainless is not the only thing that separates stainless steel from carbon steel. Welding stainless steel might differ from common technique, and the solution is to understand the right process and you will be able to weld stainless steel products.

For each of the main welding processes, stainless steel welding is handled differently. Lets discuss about the stick, MIG, TIG stainless steel welding. 


The first thing to figure out is the proper settings when it comes to welding works. And you will also need to know which type of electrode to use, before you figure out the proper settings. The electrode election will depend on base metal. Here we take 304 stainless steel as an example. The 308L electrode is typically used for 304 stainless steel.

One of the best ways to weld stainless steel is in a J-Shaped motion when you have got your settings. Techniques like this help to prevent the rod from crowning, since stainless steel heat up much quicker than normal. Once you’re done, clean off the excess slag with a chipping hammer and a wire brush.



Just like Stick welding, the first step to MIG welding stainless steel is finding the right parameters (easily done with this free welding app). Just as importantly, you’ll want to be using the right shielding gas. The best gas for stainless steel is a tri-mixture with 90% Argon, 7.5% Helium and 2.5% Oxygen. If that’s not possible, next best options would be 98% Argon and 2% CO2 or 98% Argon and 2% Oxygen. The first step to MIG welding stainless steel is looking for the right parameters which is the same as Stick welding. An important thing is to use the right shielding gas. The best gas for stainless steel welding is a tri-mixture with 90% Argon, 7.5% Helium and 2.5% Oxygen. Or alternative options would be 98% Argon and 2% CO2 or 98% Argon and 2% Oxygen.

Heat control is the main problem with stainless steel MIG welding. It’s important to use all the necessary techniques to make sure your work piece doesn’t become too hot, because of the higher amperage you’ll have to use and the fact that stainless steel doesn’t dissipate heat as well as mild steel



Chromium is added to steel to give it that stainless quality. The secret is to get good coverage with your gas, Since often while TIG welding stainless steel, oxygen attacks the chromium. This can create oxides that can significantly reduce the lifespan of your weld. Many forget to protect the back, while most welders tend to remember this with the front side of their welding piece. You’ll need to use a purging gas to keep oxygen from oxidizing the welds on the back of your pieces, if you’re welding two plates side by side.

It’s a 50% chance it’s from using improper parameters, whether it’s MIG, TIG, or Stick, if you’re having problems. Please feel free to contact us for metal welding projects, we will be handle it smoothly with different kinds of steel welding processes.


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