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Knowing about Stainless Steel Machining

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Stainless machining is a high standard and precise work processing. Here are three things you need to know about stainless steel machining operation.

There Are Two Most Common Types of Stainless Steel – 304 and 316cnc-turning-cnc-machining-part-turning-parts-cnc-turning-parts-cnc-machining-services-1-420x280.jpg

Stainless steel 304 and 316 are the two most common grades. The difference between them is the presence of the above-mentioned molybdenum in 316-grade steel, which is not included in 304 steel. Because of this, the 316 steel has much more corrosion resistance against chloride such as those found in heavy-duty industrial processing environments and chemical solvents. It also helps to have better protection against salty environments like those at sea or along the coast. While stainless steel is simply that to most people, the term encompasses various grades of steel, each of which has a slightly different alloy composition. One grade may have more chromium (the minimum for a type of steel to be considered “stainless” is 10.5%) than another, and additional ingredients may be included too.

Stainless Steel Machining is All About the Lubrication

When doing stainless steel machining operation, lubrication and cooling are the two most critical things to keep in mind. Your tools will break faster if not sticking to the best practices of lubrication and cooling. The item you’re machining can turn into an expensive lump of useless steel, and, in general, you’re getting into a lot of trouble. You have to know when to use mineral oils, and when to use water soluble emulsifiable ones.

Generally, emulsifiable oils have better cooling affects than mineral oils, but mineral oils are better for heavy-duty machining operations with heavy loads operating at slower speed. Emulsifiable oils do better for machining operations at higher speeds.

The Machining Tools Make or Break the Whole Operation

With the extreme loads, high speeds, and sheer power that is the foundation of stainless steel machining, the tools we use can help or ruin our effort – in many cases, they either make it or break it. In stainless steel machining, high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide tools are used in different situations. Trials of different types of tools are necessary to find the best configuration for different jobs or projects.

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