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Metal Stamping Process for Metal Fabrication

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Metal stamping can be extremely complicated for metal fabrication. We would like to share a bit about the different processes that are used to build parts and components at Zechin Industries. We can manufacture nearly anything you need. Please feel free to contact us to have further discussion.



Blanking can be the first step in the stamping process when needed. Large sheets or coils of metal are cut into smaller more manageable prices in blanking. Blanking is usually used when a piece will be formed or drawn.



When a part needs slots, cutouts, or holes, then piercing is used. Piercing also punches out the required shape for a piece. Sometimes it is done at the same time as blanking.



Deep drawn parts have a greater depth. Drawing is another term for stamping in the metal stamping for metal fabrication process. Drawing is used to provide the primary shape of a part. A punch pushes metal through a die.



Bending is done after drawing if it is needed. A ram is used to push against the metal to provide any needed bends in the piece. An already bent piece can not be punched because it can cause the metal to be deformed and will damage a part.


Air Bending

Air bending is generally used to achieve a V-Shape in a piece when it is done. The flat surface of a piece is bent using a punch into a die in air bending. The space between the punch and the die is bigger than the metal thickness. The result is a bend that relaxes a bit after the piece is bent. Air bending uses less pressure and less power than other bending processes. 


Bottoming and Coining

Bottoming and coining are frequently used for more permanent bending. Both process use more pressure, from 2 to 30 times the pressure of air bending. The metal is forced into a die fully. The combination is what makes the bend permanent.



When prices require more than one bend, then forming is used. Forming will create the bends in one step while very similar to bottoming, coining, and bending.


Pinch Trimming

Pinch trimming is a way to cut a piece from a metal sheet, and often used to cut deep drawn round cups. This process separates the cut pieces from the scrap metal by pinching it against a vertical, flat surface. 


Now you know more about metal stamping for metal fabrication and have a small look at what we do each day. If you need parts or components manufactured, contact us here at Zechin Industries. We produce high-quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. Let’s get started on your projects. 


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