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Prototyping of your stamped metal parts

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We can provide prototypes of your metal stampings.

Allows you to test and validate parts before you start producing progressive metal stamping tools.

Our in-house prototyping department has a large selection of tools to reduce lead times.

Here are some of the benefits of making a prototype of a stamped part:

• Prototypes can be used for assembly inspections in assemblies.

• Prototype allows verification of FEA results. For example, sheet metal leaf spring design.

• Prototypes enable functional testing to validate designs. For example, the contact switch design.

• Prototypes provide feedback that can be used to improve progressive mold design.

Collect information about the manufacturing process during the prototyping process and communicate it to advanced tool designers.

Manufacturing challenges will be communicated to customers to seek potential changes to reduce the cost of producing parts.

Prototypes can save costs by avoiding changes to production tools.

During the prototyping phase, you can easily make changes to get your parts working.

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