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Six critical aspects of aluminium sheet metal fabrication

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It is the tendency of recent years that the usage of aluminium in the various industrial segments is increasing. The advantageous properties such as light weight and good mechanical properties make aluminium suitable for replacing steel in many cases.

The tendency of the usage of aluminum in various industrial applications in increasing in recent years. The advantageous properties such as light weight and good mechanical properties have prepared aluminum suitable for replacing steel or metal in many cases.

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Aluminium sheet metal fabrication
Two hundreds years ago, Aluminum was discovered for the first time and the world’s first block of aluminum was presented in 1855. At that time, it price was close to gold’s due to the production difficulties, so aluminum was used for making jewellery at the beginning.

However, since then aluminum is still used on many fields because of it advantageous features. We at Zechin Industries also experienced to work with aluminum as it easily processable, good surface and sharp bends can be obtained. And when we are working on the aluminum sheet metal fabrications, there are some points must be taken in to consideration:

1, Some aluminum alloys must be used in a certain period( normally within 6 months). Over this time, its mechanical properties can be changed and not all requirements of formability they can meet.
2, In case of nibbling and punching a coated tool is necessary.
3, During bending, if bending mark is to be avoided, a special tool should be used.
4, The energy demand during aluminium laser cutting is great and we must pay close attention to burr-free edges and splash-free surfaces.
5, Aluminum welding requires special expertise. 

6, When grinding aluminium the secondary burr is to avoided.

Keeping all these technical knowledge in mind aluminium is one of our favourite material. The following fabrication processes are applied during aluminium fabrication: aluminium laser cutting, bending, fastener insertion, smaller machining works, stud welding, grinding and surface treatment (powder coating and anodizing).


Characteristics of the material are as follows:

It has medium strength, very good corrosion and chemical resistance. This material has excellent welding property, the welding seams have almost the same corrosion resistance of the raw material. Its processability with cutting tools in hardened state is suitable. It has good formability. 

Preferable sheet thicknesses by us: 1 mm - 12 mm.

Our extensive aluminium sheet metal fabrication experience enables us to manufacture aluminium parts for a wide range of industry segments.


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