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The Hydroforming Sheet Metal Process

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Zechin Industries has applied its engineering talents to the hydroforming and deep stamping industries for over 25 years. Zechin is committed to providing solutions for a wide range of applications and the opportunity to use a variety of metals, shapes and processes. By applying its extensive experience, It’s hydroforming performance provides the company with a cost-effective end product for short- and long-term production.


An example of extensive hydroforming experience is the use of metal sheets. There are several advantages to the hydroforming process when using metal sheets. We use hydroforming to produce high quality parts for cookware, automotive and other industries.


The following is a general description of how hydroforming can be used with sheet metal. This process can use a punch or mold. A sheet metal blank is formed using a high pressure liquid. When a mold is used, the sheet is exposed to a pressurized liquid or membrane and pressed into a mold to produce the desired shape. The amount of pressure depends on the type and thickness of the metal sheet used and the severity of the corner radius in the mold.


Another method is to use a press to hydroform the metal sheet. The process uses a punch to press a metal sheet into a pressurized fluid. The pressure of the liquid in the chamber can be adjusted to provide the best results. Due to the lack of a female module, the hydraulically formed sheet metal with a punch will reduce the processing cost. Higher stretch depths are also possible.


In any of the above methods, one of the advantages of the hydroformed metal sheet is that the final part will have a better surface finish and a uniform appearance and precision. This is possible because the metal is formed by the pressurized liquid and the diaphragm rather than the metal to metal contact during the stamping process.


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