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The advantage of metal stamping services in Fabricated metals

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Metal stamping is a process which includes the stamping or pressing of sheet metal into different forms. Metal stamping can benefit a wide range of industries because of its many unique advantages in both technical and economic for custom metal components. Mainly as follows:

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1) Cost Efficiency:

The cost efficiency is the biggest advantage of metal stamping. Since the processing time is significantly reduced due to high efficiency stamping and easy to operate, easy to implement mechanization and automation. This is because the metal stamping manufacturing process is to rely on the die stamping machine to complete the process. The general punch trips per minute up to dozens of times, High speed press machine even more than several hundred times per minute, and each punching stroke you might get metal stamping parts. Stamping processes usually no swarf scrap, generate less material consumption, and also does not require additional heating equipment, so it is a material saving, low cost energy-efficient metal processing methods. Even though the additional cost for die/mould manufacturing is taken into consideration, if a certain amount of the stamped metal parts production is estimated, the cost benefits are greater with stamping in many cases.

2) Consistent Quality:

The consistency in the quality of metal stamping components results in the consistency of quality of the products. The stamping die to ensure the accuracy of the size and shape of the stamping parts,and general do not damage the surface quality of the stamping products, And die life is generally longer, so the stable quality stamping,interchangeability, with "exactly the same" Characteristics. Our experienced engineers can partner with you to provide design and planning assistance on all practical aspects of metal stamping. Our team of tooling specialists has the technical expertise to craft and design efficient and effective tool components, while our process technicians can develop production strategies for accurate, consistent, and repeatable results.

3) Processing of Complex Shapes with stamping:

We here at Zechin Industries have developed stamping technology that makes it possible to have the near-impossible complicated processing in the custom stamping. Now, we can handle orders requiring multiple and secondary operations, and a large range of size, shapes complex parts, such as small to watch the stopwatch, large to car stringer,covering parts, plus the cold deformation hardening effect of the material during stamping process, strength and punching rigidity are high. At the same time, complex shapes can also be processed due to the innovations we've made in this technology. For example, the components with complex shapes can be processed using the 3-dimensional molding technology.

Zechin Industries has been a stamping metal working industry professional for more than 25 years. We have produced high quality oem metal stamping products for a variety of industries with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our expert engineering team will analysis your stamping project and offer you disgn assistance and the best processing solutions according to your requirements. The important thing is that we understand the cost is usually a significant factor for purchasing stamped metal components, so we work together with customers and offer you cost-saving solutions for custom metal stamping parts. Contact us to discuss more at info@zec-industrygroup.com


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