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Types of tube bending technology

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Tube bending includes a rich of mechanical technology,and the bending result could be achieved via several approaches. The used methods of tube bending will depend on factors such as material, the final function of finished products and available resources.
So what are the different types of tube bending? 
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This is the easiest and most common tube bending type, this process involves pressing a Bending die against the pipe to force it to confirm to the shape of the bend. This is not adopted for precise form of bending, because there could be some deformation of the tube due to a lack of internal support.


Rotary draw bending is a more precision bending type. Rotary draw machine will be used in this type of bending, which bends the metal through a series of die sets with a consistent center line radius. Rotary draw benders can do more specific jobs and are used to bend tube and pipe parts like roll cages, hand rails and handles.


A three roller machine will be involved in Roll tube bending. It can be used for both sheet metal and metal bars. It works by putting the tube or bar into the rollers and manually lowering and pressing the middle roller against the bar. The bar moves along and force is applied to the bar as it goes back and for along the rollers until it reaches the desired shape. Roll bending can be good for circular fabrications, such as wheel rims.


Accurately, a mandrel is more an aid to tube bending. As a piece tube is bent, the external tube wall will thin. This comes with a tightening of bend radius and an increased changed of flattened bend. To counter this, a mandrel is put inside tube at the bending point. This provide support and help to get the desired bending shape.


When external all thinning becomes a problem, Mandrel can help, but if in extreme situations, like when a thin tube needs a tight bend, a wiper die may be needed. To prevent a wrinkle defect, the wiper is inserted into the grove between the tube and the bending die.

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